About Us


The New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD Television) International Piano Competition is one in a series of international cultural and arts events sponsored by NTD Television. The mission of this competition is to promote traditional arts of pure authenticity, pure goodness, and pure beauty, and to bring back the glory of piano masterpieces from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods.

The competition’s commitment to artistic excellence is a means to allow the 250-year legacy of piano literature to continue to flourish. We believe this repertoire is a treasure of mankind and should be passed onto future generations to come.


The competition was established in 2008 by NTD Television. As the largest Chinese media group outside of mainland China, we disseminate traditional culture to audiences around the world through television, newspapers, magazines, websites, and social media. Semifinal and Final rounds of the competition will be broadcast through live stream video on the internet. The recording of the competition will be edited into a TV special to broadcast on NTD’s TV network.

Commissioned Composition

It is our great honor to be permitted to select and rearrange one of the vocal pieces composed by world-renowned composer and Artistic Director of Shen Yun Performing Arts – D. F. – to be the competition’s commissioned composition. The pianists who advance to the semifinal rounds will have the opportunity to perform this specially commissioned composition.  A Best Rendition Award of $3,000 is established for this commissioned composition.

Inheriting the characteristics of the Music of Shen Yun, the commissioned composition features the perfect harmony of Eastern and Western classical music. The Western piano serves as a foundation, accentuating the distinct sound of Chinese classical music. The bedrock of soul-stirring melodies from the ancient Middle Kingdom is fully brought to life by a Western instrument, the piano. The perfect harmony of Eastern and Western classical music, this is what makes the commissioned composition unique.